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Protein - 27g / serving (2 scoops)



This goat whey was an amazing post workout drink after my marathon. I took it after all my runs leading up to the marathon and it always left me feeling very replenished!

Natasha Beitz

Got Pwr goat whey tastes amazing, is super light, and never gives my stomach any issues.

Becky Bian

I took this goat whey after all my workouts for a year, and lost 20 pounds! Combined with a healthy diet and consistent workouts, this goat whey will change your life.


My name is Mani ElHefnawi and I’m making my professional MMA debut on March 10th, 2022 for Battlefield Fight League MMA. I have been using Got Pwr during my training camp to prepare me as best as possible for this fight and ensure I’m meeting my protein intake goals. Got Pwr is a protein powder made from Goat Milk as opposed to Cow Milk. I’ve struggled to find the right protein powder for me, as Whey Isolate derived from cow milk usually irritates my gut with bloating and I find Vegan protein powder to be less effective.

With Got Pwr, I noticed the following

- Never had any bloating, at 27g per serving I’m able to not only meet but surpass my protein intake goals  it tastes absolutely delicious!

- I would recommend GOTPWR to any recreational & elite level athletes that are as serious about their nutrition supplements as their physical training.

Mani ElHefnawi