Shipping Policy

For U.S. Customers

  • With USPS Priority mail you get USPS Tracking service and Free insurance upto $50.
  • GOATSWHEY INC offers free shipping for all its U.S. Customers.

Goatswhey prides itself on getting orders out as quickly as possible. Generally orders placed before 12 pm PST on a weekday (M-F), ship the same day. Occasionally an increase in orders during a sale or busy day will delay an order from shipping out by a day or two. Our shipping facility is closed on Saturday and Sunday, so no orders ship out then. We are currently shipping at normal times. Please note that we are not shipping internationally. USPS Priority mail typically arrives in 1- 3 business days but that is not a guarantee and sometimes it gets delayed due to increased online ordering and can at times takes up to a week.

Please note: Once an order leaves our warehouse, we have no control over the speed at which it gets to you As a small business, we have no influence over the major national carrier like USPS. With USPS Priority mail you get USPS Tracking service and Free insurance upto $50.

We offer free shipping to our customers in the U.S. For each pouch, USPS Priority mail also offers free insurance for value upto $50. For example If you order 2 pouches of Gotpwr: $110 plus 0 for shipping. Total:$110 and you get free insurance upto $100.00 and so forth. Free Shipping means that Goatswhey gets to decide how your order ships, which is thru USPS Priority mail.

Goatswhey inc is not liable for lost, damaged, or stolen items on your order. The customer gets the tracking details from USPS as soon as goods leave our warehouse and since USPS insures it for value upto $50 a pouch, the matter can be taken up directly with them. 


Can I change my order or shipment address?

You can edit/update/remove items before completing your order. After this point, changes may not be possible as the order information has already been sent to the warehouse. If the wrong shipping address is entered you will be responsible for contacting the resident of the address to try and receive your order. Goatswhey Inc. is not liable for any losses incurred if the customer has provided any incorrect details for their order. Goatswhey Inc also reserves the right not to issue a refund for product costs on orders never received, as a result of the incorrect details provided.

My credit card was charged more than once for my order.

If you tried to place an order and had an issue/received an error message such as the wrong CVV code or wrong billing address and then placed a separate order, your credit card summary may show multiple authorizations. These multiple "authorizations" are not actual charges and will be refunded back to your account shortly.


My order says it was delivered, but I don't have it.

In the last few months we have had several customers contact us saying their order was delivered the previous night at 9 pm or later, but they didn’t receive it. Sometimes the carriers will mark a package as delivered prematurely, especially if it says it was delivered at 9 pm or later. If you don’t receive it within 2 days after it has been marked as delivered, and you don’t see it tucked away somewhere on your porch, you can contact us at