Myths about whey protein powder

Myths about whey protein powder

Here are the most frequently told myths about whey protein:

1.Whey Protein powder makes you bulky 

While protein is an important ingredient for muscle building, it is not the only one. Protein itself will not turn you into a big bulky bodybuilder.  In order to get that frame, there are several other variables involved. For example, the sort of diet you are on, how many extra calories you’re consuming, what your training regimen is. Therefore, to say that just by consuming extra protein, you will get that frame is simply not correct.

  1. Whey Protein powder intake is harmful for your kidneys

Granted, that in order to process proteins, the kidneys have to work hard. However, as long as you have a balanced diet individuals with healthy kidneys should have no concern. Even people with kidney problems can have proteins as long as their intake is monitored by their doctor.

 3.Whey Protein is harsh on your liver 

If there are no pre-existing issues with the liver, and there is a well-balanced, healthy intake of other nutrients, there is little to no evidence suggesting that whey protein would have any adverse effects on your liver. 

  1. High protein intake weakens your bones

Another myth worth dispelling is that because protein is made of amino ‘acids’, it has a negative impact on bone density. Once more, there is no scientific evidence corroborating this claim. On the contrary, there is some evidence to suggest that whey protein helps strengthen bones and protein supplements are often used in tandem with resistance training to increase bone density.

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